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Scandinavian mid century design meets japanese lightness.

A space in soft blue and petrole tones that generates naturalness but still creates a radiance.

We wanted to create a space that exudes calm and lightness in the work and sitting area. We achieved this with shades of blue that stand for relaxation, calm and serenity. An additional seating area should be created that sets a color accent and looks playful. A mix of Scandinavian mid-century style in harmony with Japanese art. The look was achieved with a vintage chest of drawers and couch in a danish design. An old rustic handcraft table creates a lot of space and integrates harmoniously into the room. Japanese art such as by Kusakabe Kimbei / Paysan Tatoué above the desk gives an asian final touch.

Berlin, Germany

Residential Project

Denim Blue Work&Chill Area

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