Here you will find someone who refines your taste with attention to detail and visualizes your interior style.


Together we will work out a 360° design concept which reflects your own style and lifestyle.


With the latest visualization techniques I will show in photorealistic shots how we can give your interior project a complete new look.


You save valuable time searching for suitable interior brands that fits your style.


You avoid bad investments in the purchase of furniture & Co. This in turn can save you money.


I will support you in the final decision-making process and thus relieve you.


Having an interior designer is like having a good psychologist.


I listen to you and create with you that style that reflects your character best. 

Why should you book 
an interior stylist?

“A perfect design consists of more than just beautiful furniture and accessories. Everything starts with a shell. Walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows form the stage on which beautiful objects are staged. To create a perfect, harmonious environment, start with a shell. Imagine the empty room as a backdrop for a play. The design of the surfaces corresponds to the design for the scene in which the piece is performed."

- Institute for Interior Design

Meet the sustainable stylist in cooperation with studio nati. Our I aim/goal is to create sustainable designs in fashion and interior. Focuse on quality instead of quantity. You can book also both of us and get a discount!

Our closets are crammed with clothes. We rarely or never wear 30% -40% of this! I rethink fashion consumption and follow my work on Instagram.  As a stylist with a focus on responsible consumption, I help my customers to find their own style by first and foremost putting together combinations of what is already in their wardrobe. 

So we look together to see how much potential what is already there has - and how much it fits the respective customer and her current stage of life.


I am the neutral, value-free view from the outside that it takes. I show the possibilities of wardrobe organization, take my customers by the hand when they let go of clothes and recommend where they can put the things with a clear conscience. As an online session or via a visit at home.  I encourage, inspire and show ways out of the fast fashion and consumer madness. And set a clear example against disposable fashion!  

It is my goal to only recommend products that have been produced under fair conditions and have been with us for a long time. 


The Sustainable Stylist

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